National and International Initiatives

International Organizing

Domestic Workers win Global Recognition with the Adoption of the ILO Convention for Domestic Workers

On June 16, 2011, the 100th International Labour Conference (ILC) in Geneva, Switzerland adopted the First Convention and accompanying Recommendation on Decent Work for Domestic Workers. When the vote was announced, domestic workers unfurled a banner that read “C189: Congratulations! Now for the “domestic work” of governments- RATIFY.” Support for the Convention was overwhelming, with 396 voting in favor, and only 16 voting against (all employers), with an additional 63 abstaining. The Recommendation passed with 90% approval. Press Release »

Since then ten ILO members have ratified C189.

As a member of the International Domestic Workers Federation, the National Domestic Worker Alliance has been organizing with domestic workers around the world to win a strong ILO Convention with the standards and protections this workforce so desperately needs.

Social Innovations

The nature of work is changing and it’s changing the way that domestic workers find work, relate to their employers, and get paid. With the click of a button, employers can hire a house cleaner with little knowledge as to whether that worker has predictable hours, makes a living wage or is entitled to basic labor protections.

Caring Across Generations

Organizing across generations and communities to bring dignity and value to the contributions of our nation’s aging population and the workforce who cares for them.

Every eight seconds, an American turns 65. In the coming years, more and more members of our communities will need care, just as more and more workers will need quality, dignified jobs. At a time when we desperately need new jobs, new paths to citizenship, and new solutions to persistent crises in care, a broad coalition of people from all walks of life are coming together to push for change.

Visit the Caring Across Generations campaign website to learn more about this exciting and necessary new campaign, share care stories, and take action.

We Dream In Black

We Dream In Black aims to strengthen and expand our base of Black domestic workers and amplify their historical and current contributions to the broader domestic worker movement.  Given the legacy of Black women in domestic work, and the ongoing ways in which race shapes the conditions and experiences of workers, NDWA has prioritized building strong organizing projects rooted in Black communities.