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The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) seeks a consultant to support a digital marketing and research project designed to test and identify the interest and potential success of a membership benefit product. This project will include designing and executing online marketing strategies to interest domestic workers (specifically, care workers) in the product, do proactive outreach, and testing of the product with a pilot group of users. 

About the project
NDWA is a home for domestic workers to grow their community with each other, build their skills, learn their rights and receive services and benefits. This project will test the interest and engagement around a skills building online course that has been developed by a third party vendor specifically for care workers, attempting to understand if the product would meet organizational goals to:

  • Grow NDWA’s membership
  • Build workers’ skills and knowledge at work
  • Build trust and relationships with and among domestic workers


NDWA seeks support from a consultant to conduct this project and marketing strategy, including:

  • Developing and running digital advertising strategies to test motivations for interest in the online product;
  • Proactively communicate with care workers via email and text about the product to gauge interest; and 
  • Supporting workers in using the product over a 4 week time period through online engagement (email, text and an online space).
  • Evaluate the test, analyze data and develop recommendations for next steps

    Scope of work and timeline

    • Feb - April:
      • Project testing plan finalized 
      • Develop, execute and iterate on online advertising
      • Execute online engagement strategies 
    • April / May:
      • Run 4 week course 
    • May / June
      • Analyze data
    Job Requirements: 


    • At least three years experience with digital engagement or digital organizing, including experience  with digital advertising and marketing.
    • Familiarity with structured experimentation and iteration to adapt advertising, creative and messaging.
    • Ability to produce and present high quality and detailed reports.
    • Familiarity with issues facing domestic workers and other low-wage workers is a plus.
    • Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus.

    Proposal Specifications:
    Please provide the following information in your proposal:

    1.  Samples of relevant work    
    2. Describe your level of experience and specific qualifications for this consultancy.
    3. Outline your fee structure.
    4. Include three references for your consultancy work.

     Please submit documents here: https://domesticworkers.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=74