Social Innovations

The nature of work is changing and it’s changing the way that domestic workers find work, relate to their employers, and get paid. With the click of a button, employers can hire a house cleaner with little knowledge as to whether that worker has predictable hours, makes a living wage or is entitled to basic labor protections.

Our Social Innovations initiative is a laboratory for cross-disciplinary social innovations that use market-based, entrepreneurial and collaborative strategies to improve the quality of care and the quality of domestic work jobs in the home. We aim to raise labor standards for domestic workers by partnering with the private sector and to center domestic worker’s voices and the leadership of women of color in the conversation about the future of the economy.

Our Social Innovations initiative is investing in three main strategies to meet these goals:

The Good Work Code is an overarching framework for creating good work in the online economy. The Code is based on 8 simple values that are the foundation of good work: Safety, Stability & Flexibility, Transparency, Shared Prosperity, A Livable Wage, Inclusion and Input, Support & Connection, and Growth & Development.

Fair Care Labs invests in raising market norms in the domestic work and home care sectors and creating scalable and sustainable business ventures.

Fair Care Pledge is a collaboration between Hand in Hand, the Domestic Employers Network, and NDWA. Most domestic employers want to be good employers, but need the tools to do it. The pledge gives domestic employers a clear set of guidelines to ensure that their homes are workplaces that they can be proud of.